The social media is going bananas over the Rahul Bose vs JW Marriot episode, in which Rahul was charged rupees 442 for an essentially inexpensive pair of bananas at the hotel. But wait, this blog has nothing to do with this banana tale. Actor Rahul Bose is one sturdy actor known for exceptional performance in several Indian movies including Mr and Mrs Iyer, Jhankaar Beats, Chameli, and A Mouthful of Sky. But did you know the actor has been actively involved in social service space? 

Acting And Social Service – The 2 Essential Parts Of Rahul’s Life 

Yes, besides having several accomplishments in cinema, Rahul has successfully worked for the upliftment of the society. His keen awareness always keeps a distinct concern for problems which ruin many aspects of humanity at large. Here is how Rahul contributes to being a force for social change: 

Having an avid concern for social issues, Bose assisted in the relief efforts in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. As a result of this work, he launched the Andaman and Nicobar Scholarship Initiative through his NGO, The Foundation

About ‘The Foundation’

Bose initiated his NGO, The Foundation, in 2007. This foundation aims at and is dedicated to removing all kinds of discrimination from society. Working against sexual abuse and enhancing education and awareness are main the areas of focus of this foundation. This NGO has been instrumental in providing education to children from disadvantaged parts of India ranging from the remotest locations in Kashmir to the cores of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 

Under this initiative, the foundation selects children and provide them unparalleled education, multifaceted experience, and exposure. It aims that in 15 years these children will return to their homelands as world-class professionals and assume the role of change-makers. 

In Rahul’s Words – “It only requires a glance at some of the greatest aid-receiving countries in the third world to realize parachuting money and supplies into a region only works in the short term. For any disadvantaged region to truly evolve economically as well as culturally, change has to be driven by its people. People who feel a fierce, deep love for their homeland, people who are prepared for the long haul that is true and lasting development”. 

Oxfam’s First Indian Global Ambassador 

Bose has been the first global ambassador with one of the foremost and renowned internationals NGOs Oxfam in 2007– an association that proves his determination in the social sector. Oxfam works in practically every area of human development and has its presence in over 100 counties. 

Bose launched Oxfam’s Indian initiative – i.e. Oxfam India. This NGO has been doing exceptional work for the empowerment of women farmers and works for core areas like Dalit and women issues and Muslim rights. Since inception, this Oxfam wing has been proactive in seven Indian states. 

And Many More…. 

In addition to ‘The Foundation’ and ‘Oxfam India,’ Bose is associated with many charitable organizations including Teach for India, Akshara Centre, Breakthrough, Citizens for Justice and Peace and the Spastics Society of India. He is the founder and chairman of an umbrella organization for 51 Mumbai charitable organizations and NGOs called – ‘The Group of Groups’. And he is also an ambassador for the American India Foundation, the World Youth Peace Movement, and Planet Alert.

Well, his social contribution doesn’t end here! 

A Person Of Varied Talents

Acting is about passion and social service is all about compassion – For Rahul, both are equally indispensable. His feat as an Indian film actor, director, screenwriter, and social activist prove – Success is all about one’s mental ability and attitude.

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