She says – “You know, I have realized that saying the words ‘sanitary napkins’ in public is like standing in a Hogwarts common room and saying ‘Voldemort’”.

In a country, which is so sensitive about almost everything, one needs to be audacious to come upon a stage and speak amenably about sanitary napkins. But, Aditi Mittal does that impeccably – she is one of the first women to do stand-up comedy in India and has got all the wittiness to tickle your funny bones. She not only does that but also makes her audiences fall off their chairs with laughter with her witticisms. She can be seen posting workout videos on Instagram, putting her foot in her mouth on Twitter and sharing from her personal life on Facebook. She is surely one interesting gutsy gal and an inspiration to thousands of women.

Her quick wit, presence of mind and a deep sense of empathy is what makes her so popular, and enviable. Apart from the amazing comedy that she does, we bet you didn’t know these facts about her.

1. Quit Her Job To Start A Career In Comedy

Aditi began her comedy career after quitting a job in the USA and moved to India. Before jumping on to the stage she trained herself and ultimately started performing live. She was one of the first Indians to be featured in ‘Local Heroes’, an Indians-only stand-up show; this was just the start of her amazing career in comedy. Further, she started performing her solo shows in 2013 i.e. Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say; breaking all the stereotypes, this show discussed things women usually refuse to talk about in public, like periods and bras.

Currently, Mittal is a regular performer at Canvas Laugh Factory Comedy Store in Mumbai, and also performs in festivals around the country and globe. Also, she has two Netflix specials and over 10 million hits on YouTube.

2. Done TV And Movies

Apart from being a popular stand-up comedian, she is also known for her acting, and voice-over stints. Mittal has been in the movie ‘Man’s World’ which released in 2015, and appeared as herself in ‘I Am Offended’. Also, she was featured in an American documentary along with American and South African comics, ‘Stand-Up Planet’ which is based on a stand-up comic “quest to find some of the best humor from corners of the developing world.” She has also appeared in various television specials like Phenking News with Cyrus Broacha and also got a chance to appear as a guest on BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show.

3. A Writer

Mittal has written many columns and articles for many popular publications including DNA, Financial Times, Grazia Men Magazine and

4. One Of The Most Recognizable Comics In India

Mittal’s bold and funny acts have put her on the list of India’s top 10 stand-up comedians in the country. She is featured in as one of the top 30 witty, intelligent and incredibly funny Indian women to follow on Twitter. In 2013, she was invited by the BBC for the prestigious 100 Women conference in London.

5. Spreads Smile With Personalized Messages

Most of her fans follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, however, many are unaware of the fact that Aditi has taken a step forward to connect with her fans with personalized messages. She is now on Faverou – Request a greeting video for your birthday, ask for a fun hand stand video, or talk about rocket science. Really, anything on your mind; Aditi is ready to answer it all.

For your personalized video message, tell her something about the person you’re getting it for and she’ll do a little song on her Ukelele, or she’ll say something guaranteed to bring a smile on their face!

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