Tired of liking, commenting & messaging your favorite celebrity & waiting for being lucky just to talk to them? If yes, then don’t worry, you are not alone. Celebrities all over the world are idolized, worshiped, and given God-like status by their fans. Whatever their lifestyle, viewpoints, and personality are, it is tried to be copied or imbibed by others wholeheartedly without giving second thoughts. The celebrities can be from diverse fields be it a Film Star, Cricketer, Influencer, Singer, or maybe a TV Star. People wait for hours to get a glimpse of their favorite celebrities, to shake their hand, or get an autograph. Fans spend hours online on the web and social networking sites to stalk their favorite celebrities so to get what their favorite celebrities are doing on a day to day basis. Celebrities also enjoy the fame that comes along with it. They have the power to influence their fans in any which they can.

The Dying Trends of Autographs & Rising Trend of Video Shoutouts

An autograph is a person’s handwriting or signature and mostly given by celebrities to their fan to acknowledge that they have met their favorites celebrities. Autographs were considered quite a big achievement a while ago and people used to keep the autographs as their treasure trove. It was considered a way of achievement and gave a sense of happiness.

Now in this day and age, where the pen and paper have taken a backseat. The trend of Video shoutouts by celebrities is increasing and it is regarded as a great way of building relationships with their celebrities and fans. Video shoutouts refer to celebrities making a video for their fans and wishing them on a special occasion which can vary from birthdays, anniversary, work promotion, or maybe just a special message to your loved ones, and a person can request a celebrity to give a video shoutout to them to add value to their life in any way.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the trend of video shoutouts has increased manifold. The reasons which make them a great tool to connect celebrities to their fans is that it can be done through the comfort of their homes. Celebrities also find video shoutout useful and comfortable. Now the fans don’t have to be in a queue and wait for hours to meet their favorites celebrities. They can place a request on the website or mobile application that offers such services and the shoutouts would be recorded in no time. Video shoutouts are also a great option to gift your loved ones. A video shoutout from their favorite celebrities to their loved ones makes a gift for a lifetime which they will cherish forever.

Faverou: Bridging the gap between Celebrity- Fan Engagement

Celebrity engagement platform like https://faverou.com is in trend there days. Faverou is a website that helps in the engagement of celebrities and fans through video shoutouts which can be selected as a gift to their loved ones or they can buy for themselves too. Various celebrities are available on the platform and fans can choose their favorite celebrity to request them a shoutout. The idea is unique and innovative and the trend is scaling new heights. In the years to come, it would be immensely popular, thanks to the digital world we live in.