Shilpa Shetty Kundra is one of the most loved names on Indian television. She amazed the world with her beauty and acting and continues to surprise the world with her fitness secrets. While it’s been quite long that she made an appearance in Bollywood, it seems the actress is adoring her role as an entrepreneur and loves to work for social causes. 

Shilpa has been associated with a lot of philanthropic work, one of the most prominent ones that brought her to limelight was when she won ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in 2007 and decided to donate the entire prize money to Indian AIDS awareness campaigns. But, there’s a lot more that prove Shilpa’s proclivity towards charity. 

Shilpa Shetty Foundation (SSF)

Shilpa has been an active social personality, she has been dynamically contributing towards the society in her own ways. With SSF, Shilpa aims to transform the lives of orphan children and contribute towards the development of society. SSF mainly focuses on growth through touchpoints which are crucial to human life. The vision of SSF is to illuminate the lives of the orphan children by giving them care, health, and education so that they can grow to healthy and well-educated people. In the future, this will contribute towards a developed and happier society. 

Supported AIDS Awareness Campaigns In India 

In 2005, Shilpa has been a part of India’s biggest HIV/AIDS awareness mass media campaign. As a part of the campaign, Shilpa participated and judged shows and dance competition. Screening of the movie ‘Phir Milege’ was also a part of this campaign where Shilpa starred along with Salman Khan and Abhishek Bachchan. 

Along with the big win of ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ Shilpa won 10 lakhs on Salman Khan show ‘Dus Ka Dum 3’. She donated both the prize money to support this campaign. 

Won PETA’s ‘Hero To Animals’ Award

Shilpa won a special place in the hearts of her fans through her efforts to help animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) honored the actress her with a ‘Hero to Animals’ Award for her exemplary work in this cause. Shilpa adopted a stray kitten, signed a petition asking the government to uphold the ban on jallikattu, bull races, and bullfights and has been actively speaking out against the malice of circuses. 

From performing at fundraisers to hosting charity celebrity T20 cricket matches, Shilpa has been actively finding resources to ensure her foundation functions smoothly to achieve its mission. For the future, she intends to support more causes and work towards the betterment of the underprivileged. 

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