Dwayne Johnson also known by his ring name ‘The Rock’, is an amazing actor, producer, and former professional wrestler – but all above this he is a super nice guy as he makes dreams come true. He took some time to surprise his 100-year-old fan with an utterly special personalized birthday message for reaching her momentous milestone i.e. 100th birthday; and guess what her reactions were priceless.

Meet 100-Year-Old Marie Grover From Philadelphia

The psychology of falling for a celebrity love sees no boundaries, and love knows no age. Marie Grover from Philadelphia just turned 100-years, she has been one of the biggest fans of Dwyane Johnson for nearly 3 decades.

Jamie Klingler, a communications and events expert who is friends with Grover’s granddaughter said Grover has been one of the Rock’s biggest fans since the WWE days. During her high-school days, Grover used to wear ‘Rock’ sweatshirt and always expressed her crazy love for him.

It’s quite safe to say this Grandma has been a longtime fan ‘The Rock’.

The Video Message Surprise Gift

Jamie Klinger through her publicist tried to reach the actor to arrange a surprise for Grover momentous day. Klingler had initially reached out to the 47-year-old actor on Sept. 22 when she tweeted that her “punt to get @TheRock to wish my friend’s gram a happy 100th birthday as she adores him might work….. She will lose her mind…” Johnson replied to Klingler right then and there asking, “What?? First, I’m hearing of this! Who’s turning 100? Beautiful age! What do you need, Jamie?”

In response to Dwayne’s reply, Klinger requested him to record a little video saying happy 100th birthday for Grandma Marie Grover to surprise her and make her smile.


Johnson Delivered His Promise

Johnson filmed a video of himself singing Happy Birthday and sending out a message of love to Grover. He took Twitter to post a personalized birthday message for Grover. Johnson smoothly girdled out “Happy Birthday” to Grover, “who turns 100 years old today and I’m so honored that she’s my fan,” the actor sang. He blew kisses in honor of his fan’s “beautiful age.” He added “I’m sending so much love and a HUGE congratulations on 100 years,” …. “What an amazing life. … I’m very happy you were born and I’m so honored. The actor, 47, added: “You can eat cake, you can get drunk. Party hard.”

Her Priceless Reactions

Klingler posted a side-by-side video of Johnson’s message and Grover’s exuberant response:

Johnson retweeted the video, saying doing things like that are the best part of being famous.

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