Vidya Balan Social work

Her humble smile and positive vibes are totally contagious, more than that her on-screen performances never fail to impress. Unquestionably, Vidya Balan is one of the most versatile and popular actresses in Bollywood and continues to be relevant even today. The actress has always been ‘unapologetically herself’ and mirrors a strong example of ‘Self-Confidence’ to the world. With all her success, she stands on the dais of philanthropy and believes for her this is one ultimate gateway to joy and happiness.

How Does Vidya Give Back To Society?

“If I have a voice that can reach people, I use it for the causes I feel strongly about. If even one person is going to take notice because I am saying something, I will use my voice, to say, hopefully the right things.”- Vidya Balan said in an interview with Femina.

In addition to acting in Indian cinema, Vidya indorses humanitarian causes and supports many charitable institutions. Vidya Balan has been a secretive patron helping thousands of needy girls every year with her charity work. Here’s a quick rundown through her philanthropic journey:

  • Endorsed World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour campaign in India.
  • Campaigned for a non-profit organization Child In Need Institute (CINI) based in Kolkata for the cause of nutrition in India.
  • Participated in a campaign to promote women empowerment and child education in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. In 2012, Vidya was awarded The Prabha Khaitan Puraskar by the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce for her attempts to empower women. She was the youngest recipient of this award.
  • She penned an opinion column in Hindustan times on the issues faced by the women in India. This poll was published on the occasion of International Women’s Day of 2015.
  • For the underprivileged children in Thanapur village of Uttar Pradesh, Vidya launched a technology-based learning platform to encourage education and learning.
  • She is the brand ambassador of the ‘Clean India’ movement i.e. the countrywide sanitation scheme. In 2016, she made a generous donation of rupees 5 lakh towards this movement. Also, she is the goodwill ambassador of Arpan, an NGO that strived to create awareness on sexual abuse.
  • Collaborated with BIG FM 92.7 to host a radio show named “Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho”.

Being a celebrity isn’t just about the fame, it’s about feeling blessed for the opportunities. Celebs like Vidya, are setting examples of how one could use this opportunity to provide better life prospects to needy people.

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