Nana Patekar – The Real-Life Hero From Indian Cinemas

Before he stunned the world with his exceptional acting skills, Nana Patekar took up odd jobs to earn a living. Painting zebra crossing and putting movie posters on the roads are few to name – unbelievable indeed. From little earnings of rupees 35/month to becoming one of the most generous donors – Nana’s real-life story is bound to inspire you beyond words. Here are some facts about the ‘man with a golden heart.’ 

Nana Patekar – The Real-Life Hero

Nana is considered one of the most generous and kind men of the B-town. Although he Scan afford all the luxuries of life, he prefers living a simple life; Nana and his mother live in a 1 BHK apartment. What’s even more astounding is the fact that he donated 90 percent of his total earnings to charity. 

The epidemic of suicides among drought-stricken farmers in Maharashtra perplexed Nana Patekar. The poverty and deplorable conditions of the farmer community encouraged him to establish a foundation devoted to provide for farmers and their families.

The Naam Foundation 

Founded in 2015, Naam Foundation was started by Nana Patekar and his fellow actor Makarand Anaspure. This foundation works for the betterment of farmers in the drought-prone areas of Vidarbha and Marathwada in the state of Maharashtra, India. 

It aims at supporting the poor and needy farmers and eradicates the barriers of class, creed, community, race or religion that comes in the way. NAAM provides help to the farmers morally, financially or in any other way to avert them from committing suicide and make them confident and self-sufficient. It also supports learning for the children of the farmers through the award of scholarships etc. It supports the suicide affected family by giving them Rs. 15,000 as an initiative amount. For the widows, sewing machines, flour mills, masala mills, goats are distributed so that they can start a household business and start earning. ​​ 

Time and again, lack of rain and uncertain monsoon patterns have adversely affected the farmers in several regions of our country. Thousands of farmers choose to end their lives and there seems to be no end to this. Nana and Makrand with NAAM stand strong in protecting the farmers; they together have extended financial help to hundreds of families. As of March 2016, NAAM adopted 6 villages to transform them into developed and self-sustained villages. The foundation is working non-stop for the overall betterment of farmers and poor people in Maharashtra.

NAAM’s mission is to build a society that is sustainable and progressive. It aims to achieve it by facilitating development in rural areas by working on different problems like infrastructure, employment, education, food, and so on. NAAM believes India can be a superpower in the future only if our villages develop and get self-sufficient. 

NAAM Bank A/C Collected 80 Lakhs On Day 1

As reported by The Indian Express, Naam Foundation collected rupees 80 lakhs on the very same day the foundation got its bank account activated. That was the big beginning, Nana and Makarand have constantly made attempts to appeal to the citizens to come forward and donate generously to the cause. Nana’s colleague and the very popular film actor Akshay Kumar offered rupees 90 lakhs for this cause. 

Not Reel, But Real ….. 

Indeed, we don’t get to see that flamboyant Nana Patekar in Bollywood films as frequently as did a few decades back, but one thing is clear, Nana is certainly employing all his energy and passion towards social work. 

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