Shah Rukh Khan’s popularity knows no bounds. Also called King Khan i.e. this Badshah of Bollywood has an amassed fan following of billions; interestingly he has more followers than Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, etc. From being crowned the second richest actor in the world to winning the highest Filmfare Award wins for the best actor, King Khan’s success meter has been skyrocketing and so has his fan following. Out of the billions and millions of fans, one person who completely stands out is Vishal Singh a.k.a Vishahrukh Khan.

This Shah Rukh Khan fan will make you wonder if his fandom has gone a little overboard. Yes, it wouldn’t be wrong to call him the craziest die-hard Shah Rukh Khan Fan ever. Let’s know his story!

Who Is Vishal Singh?

Vishal hails from Lucknow, he is a businessman who runs a homeopathy facility called Shahrukh Force. Along with running a business named after his idol, Vishahrukh also runs an SRK academy and a film production house called Shah Rukh Film Production. Talking about his crazy love for Shah Rukh, he has practically devoted his entire life to him. From the time when he was introduced to King Khan in is T.V. series Fauji, Vishahrukh’s life has been revolving around SRK.

The Hat-Ke Story Of Vishahrukh Khan

He doesn’t miss out on a single SRK movie and watches the first-day-first-show of each. Well, these are things that most of the celebrity fans do, here’s what he did hat-ke:  

  • From Vishal To Visharukh

Tough to believe, but 100 percent true; Vishal changed his name to Vishahrukh to express his love for King Khan. If his obsession has already begun to sneak you, trust us this is just the beginning.

  • Meet Gauri, Simran, And Aaryan

Not just his name, Vishal changed his wife’s name to Gauri and named his kids Simran (based on DDLJ where Simran is the female lead in one of Khan’s biggest movies) and Aryan.

  • Fanatic Honeymoon

Singh believes that his journey of uniting with his wife earlier called ‘Ruchi’ beard a close resemblance to Shahrukh’s movie DDLJ. His devotion to SRK is complemented by and fanned by his wife Ruchi, who is an equally crazy SRK fan. On his honeymoon, he drove more than 1,300 kilometers (810 miles) with his wife to Mumbai and spent a majority of their time outside ‘Mannat’ i.e. just to catch a glimpse of his favorite actor.  

  • ‘Shahrukh Palace’ – 22k SRK Pictures

‘Shahrukh Palace’ – that’s the name of Vishahrukh’s majestic stunner house where every brick screams SRK. It’s quite astounding to the eyes as every inch of it is occupied by posters and pictures of SRK, right from his childhood to his recent images. Around 22 thousand pictures all over; from cupboards to walls, to bedcovers to curtains, to the light bulbs to the ceiling fans, and to the bathtub – practically everything has SRK on it.

  • What’s Parked Outside?

Vishal owns two cars; both of these are bedecked with SRK images all over it. And this wasn’t a one-time effort, Vishal ensures that his cars are updated with SRK’s most recent pictures. Hence, after every new movie, he replaces the old images with the new ones.

  • The Daily Aarti

And here’s the cherry on the top, Vishal and his family sincerely pray to their idol. According to sources, they chant an improvised version of the standard aarti ‘Om Jai Jagdish Hare’!

  • His Battle with Cancer

According to Vishal, he battled cancer just like SRK’s character in Kal Ho Na Ho (2003). He attributes his survival (unlike the movie character) to Khan’s benediction. Vishal believes pictures of Shah Rukh Khan gave him strength during his tough time and brought in positive energy to the house.

  • ‘Hum Bhi Hain Shahrukh’

Vishal has set up a production company and wants to make a movie tentatively titled ‘Hum Bhi Hain Shahrukh’. The story of this movie would revolve around young Khan fans who go to Mumbai to meet and work with the star, only to return disappointed. Vishahrukh wants SRK to play the lead. Another script is based on his own life, tentatively titled Faniyat.

  • Lucknow Ka SRK

Visharukh is no less than a celebrity in his town. In 2006, he won a local competition titled ‘Sabse Bada Deewana’ and since then his fame has only multiplied. People come to his house to click pictures with him and take his autograph. Without a surprise, Vishahrukh’s fandom for Shahrukh has garnered him hordes of fans.

  • And He DID Meet His Idol

Standing for hours outside SRK’ home was just one side of meeting his idol; his dream came true when in 2016 King Khan himself gave him a call and asked him to come and meet him personally in a hotel where he was staying. This call came as a complete shock and Vishal made the most of this opportunity to be with him. Ever since then, the mighty King of Bollywood has met him and his family a number of times.

Here’s a video from Vishahrukh’s home production, it features the entire family dancing on one of SRK’s superhit song:

Going by the evidence, Vishahrukh indeed is the biggest Shah Rukh Khan Fan. He certainly seems to have earned the title and he truly deserves one.

All Images Vishahrukh Khan’s Facebook Page