Hero of India’s 2011 World Cup winning campaign and star all-rounder Yuvraj Singh is a celebrated figure in Indian Cricket. 304 ODI, 8701 Runs, 111 Wickets, and 6 sixes in an over – Yuvraj was the strong performer, achiever, and entertainer in all formats of cricket.

Yuvi’s Life Is An Inspiration, And This Is His Story!

In a world that is defined by cut-throat competition, a lot of money, and prompt fame-or-shame situations, Yuvraj was certainly at the peak of his form during the 2011 World Cup. He didn’t fail to thrill cricket enthusiasts all over the world with his match-winning performances. Yuvraj was declared Man of the Tournament in the triumphant 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. What came next was frightful and left millions shaken. Yes, he was diagnosed with cancer.

According to Yuvraj, he ignored the early symptoms during the tournament and continued to play. He revealed that the symptoms started popping up early in 2011 when he began experiencing problems like breathlessness, and blood vomits. The illness was later diagnosed as Seminoma Lung Cancer.

Yuvraj had a cancerous tumor in his left lung which was slowly growing and pressing against his arteries and lung, exposing him at risk of experiencing a heart attack. Treatment demanded him to take a break and get chemotherapy, which again is a much-dreaded treatment process. Was he not scared?

Yes, of course, he was scared too, he said,

“I cried like a baby. When no one could see me or hear me. Not because I feared what cancer would do, but because I didn’t want the disease. I wanted my life to be normal, which it could no longer be” (Source).

Arnold Schwarzenegger rightly said – “Strength doesn’t come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength”.

Yuvraj realized cancer isn’t a death sentence; he finally decided to take a break for his treatment at the Cancer Research Institute in Boston, United States. In the end, being the fighter that he is, he went under three intensive cycles of Chemotherapy, fought against all the odds and made a return to the competitive cricket world. 

In April 2012, Yuvraj made his comeback with 20-20 against New Zealand in September 2012 and is still the most loved cricketer of India.

YouWeCan – Yuvi’s Bit for The Cancer-Stricken

In 2012, Yuvraj Singh started YouWeCan, an initiative to combat cancer by spreading awareness about the disease and fighting the stigma attached to it. After successfully battling cancer, Yuvraj Singh drew inspiration from the Livestrong Foundation in the USA and emerged as a crusader in the fight against cancer. Since then, he has been doing his bit for the cancer patients in India with YouWeCan.

This foundation is a non-profit charitable organization which focuses on issues related to cancer. The vision of the organization is to exterminate the stigma associated with cancer in India and change the public perception that cancer isn’t preventable or curable.

YouWeCan Foundation endeavors to help cancer patients and survivors to get access to the right treatment including raising funds for underprivileged patients. The foundation also supports survivors through the rehabilitation process and creating a better life for themselves without having to live in the shadow of the disease. The focus is to educate the masses so that nobody fights cancer alone, and towards creating awareness and eradicating the socio-psychological stigma attached to cancer.

Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence

The moment we hear the word cancer for the very first time, most of us would get scared. This disease is more like a death sentence leaving people unsure where their life is going to take them. For Yuvraj, this was the turning point. Yuvraj proved – When it comes to cancer, the only choice we have is to GET UP.  

In cricket or real-life – This Punjabi southpaw’s ability to score high at WILL is amazing!

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